I’ve been reading Tarot on and off since high school.

My father introduced me to Tarot. I was a teenager when he told me the story of how a woman gifted him a deck, and he did readings in bars for free drinks (and dates, of course). I haven’t quite followed his footsteps, but he encouraged me to enjoy myself with the cards the way he did in his youth.

My dad is the inspiration for the name Five O’Clock Tarot. While you won’t usually find me doing readings in the bars at Happy Hour, there was something cool about channeling the spirit of my father’s use of the cards. Five O’Clock Tarot is about connecting with people in that way that comes from sharing a drink or two: relaxing, letting our hair down, getting real. Hopefully I can use this space to do that with some of you.

(Also, my father swears a lot and so do I–this blog will channel that as well.)

I began reading Tarot in high school, but I hadn’t spent much time with the cards since college. Occasionally friends would see them on my bookshelves and ask me to read, and I would indulge. In recent months, I had been coming home to find them on the floor–I blamed the cat, even though she never once knocked a book or other item off my shelves.

At the very beginning of December 2018, I started a new job. It was around that time that some coworkers, friends, and acquaintances kept mentioning Tarot, and so I brought out my cards. It has been like reuniting with an old friend.

Since then, I have spent a lot of time with my decks, joining Tarot circles, and doing readings for many people. It is now like a natural extension of myself. I’m eager to spend more time writing about this thing I feel has been a forgotten part of my identity for far too long.

I hope to share readings I do for myself, readings I do for others (if they’ll allow me to share), insights I gain from the cards, how I go about creating spreads or interpreting symbols, or whatever feels right at the time.