New Moon Spread

Two back-to-back spread blog posts? Is this for real?

Well, I felt like I had to do a New Moon check-in, since I started this whole thing with a Full Moon Spread.

Are we already at the new moon? Yikes!

You may remember from my Full Moon Spread and Ritual post, that I set out to try to conquer and release some of my bad habits. If I’m being honest with you…. I’m not entirely sure I have released them all. But life is about progress, not perfection. I have made strides in some ways for sure.

This New Moon on March 6, I want to check in to see what intentions I should be setting to help me on the path to shedding myself of things that do not serve me.

new moon spread2

I chose my Hanson Roberts deck for this reading because this deck is really good for readings about internal growth. This reading was full of surprises, none the least that every single card was reversed. Sigh.


Let’s just dig in.

  1. Where am I in my life right now? Ten of Swords Reversed

    The ten of Swords has some powerful freaking imagery, yeah? A guy is literally being stabbed in his back.

    How the hell is that supposed to make me feel right now?

    If this were upright, I would say that I am currently enduring a painful loss or betrayal (hello, backstabbers?), but the reversal adds a unique spin to the card.

    I usually read reversals as something being blocked, but that’s hard in a reading where every single card is reversed. I mean, come on.

    So, what about the imagery here? If a man with ten swords in his back were upside down, I guess the swords would be… falling out, right?

    Okay, so the card is suggesting a time of loss or betrayal or significant change, but the pain is about to be over. I’m about to feel relief as the swords fall from my back.

    That said, this year did start in a rocky way, and I am about to endure a pretty significant life change… but that is a story for another time.

  2. What is blocking me from growing? What do I need to leave behind? The Hierophant Reversed

    The Hierophant is basically the pope. He is a religious teacher. This card often stands for The Man, or some sort of strict organization or bureaucracy.

    It’s establishment and rules and order.

    Reversed? The card is often about self-reliance and no longer needing the chains of society or whatever structure you relied on previously.

    In the context of something that is blocking me, it seems that I am not yet trusting in my own self-reliance that much. I need to shed structure. I need to be free to be me.

  3. What intentions should I set? Two of Swords Reversed

    This is a card of indecision. Plain and simple. A woman is weighing her options, and she can’t see all the details–let alone the outcome.

    Reversed? This is a card about needing to trust your gut to make decisions. And about being decisive in general.

    I have been spending a lot of time trying to work on my intuition, and I believe this card is telling me to set intentions regarding using my intuition to help guide me through some upcoming difficult decisions.

  4. What knowledge do I need to gain to manifest my intentions? The Empress Reversed

    The Empress is about feminine energy at its highest manifestation. She is intuition and creativity and power and fertility. She is self-awareness. She is nurturing. She is abundance.

    Usually, those things are blocked when this card is reversed. So how does that have to do with knowledge I must gain to manifest my intentions?

    Well, clearly I need to focus more on harnessing those things so they *are not blocked* within myself. If I am open to them, my intuition will become a better guide. That much is very true.

  5. What positive energy will emerge in this phase? Two of Wands Reversed

    The two of wands is about planning for the future. The main character literally has the world in his hands as he stares into the distance. It is a powerful message about action, imho.

    Reversed? Ugh. I’m so sick of talking about reversals in this spread. heh.

    Okay, so something is blocking my ability to plan for the future. COULD IT BE ALL THE THINGS ABOVE BLOCKING ALL THE THINGS IN MY LIFE, MAYBE?

    So, the positive spin? I believe that I will be able to focus on my personal goals in this time. Instead of looking out into the world, I can reverse that and look in. Which is great! I have been doing a lot of that lately, and I need and want to continue.


I still can’t believe this entire reading had reversed cards.

The summary of this reading is that I have a lot of personal introspection coming my way. I need to focus on using my intuition to help me navigate big decisions, stop worrying about putting structure around myself, and harness my creativity some more. It’s all about me this moon cycle. 

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